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The Buderim War Memorial Community Association was formed in 1945 at the end of the Second World War. The small community of 600 determined that their War Memorial would not be a stone statue, but a living dedication of service to make their community worthy of those who fought for it. They formed an Association which may be unique in Australia. Some of the Founding Members are still with us & are proud that for over a half century the Association has firmly held to its motto: “Service to Commemorate Sacrifice”

The changes over that 64 years have been enormous. The farms have disappeared & the population has grown to over 30,000. Through all of this the Association has worked ceaselessly to keep Buderim a caring, compassionate, connected community & not just a lot of people living in the same area.

Buderim's War Memorial HallThe Association is an umbrella organisation for a number of subcommittees & a large number of affiliates, covering most of the sporting & community groups in & around Buderim. All property legally owned by the Association is dedicated to being held in trust for the people of Buderim. Such property includes:–

  • The War Memorial Hall, managed by a subcommittee, The Hall Committee. This is the hub of activity in Buderim, staging all BATS Theatre productions, The Garden Show, a variety of concerts, balls, & exhibitions throughout the year.
  • Pioneer Cottage, which is managed by an affiliate group, The Buderim Historical Society. Open to the public 7 days a week, this is our living history.
  • Hepburn House, a small cottage opposite the Hall in Church Street, which was purchased in 1993 with a mortgage now discharged.
  • The Old Post Office, in Burnett Street was purchased in 1998/1999 through donations from the community & was officially opened by the Governor of Queensland, Major-General Peter Arnison, on 1 Oct, 1999 with a Street Party for all Buderim residents to celebrate. It is now staffed by volunteers & serves as a Community Information Centre.
  • Sub-Committees of the BWMCA

    These sub-committees organise & coordinate specific functions & events in Buderim.

    • Welcome To
    • Anzac Day
    • War Memorial
    • Old Post Office
    • Australia Day

    The Association is solely made up of volunteers; there are no paid staff. Funds raised or donated are used mainly to meet the expenses of upkeep, rates, insurance, etc. on the Hall, Pioneer Cottage, Hepburn House & The Old Post Office. Other Association expenses are minimal.

In 1995, Australia’s best known social researcher, Hugh Mackay, informed us that Buderim is unique. In areas experiencing rapid growth & often radical change, the first casualty is usually a sense of community. In Buderim he was delighted to find this community spirit thriving. He firmly stated that the lynch pin in this outstanding achievement was the Association, working for half a century to maintain Buderim as a community.

Other towns can achieve what Buderim has, using the main ingredients of determination, enthusiastic helpers & residents’ support. The BWMCA has proven that a community can be built from what may be, initially, simply a collection of residences & service facilities, where occupants live in comparative isolation.

When you ask residents, or visitors, what they like about Buderim, almost overwhelmingly the answer is the village atmosphere. But in 2000 there is little in the houses & streetscapes of Buderim that resembles a village. The village atmosphere is really an ambience – an ambience of a community which is happy & proud of itself. An ambience of a community spirit.

Hugh Mackay stated that Australians are reporting a growing sense of concern. They say, “We don’t feel safe anymore.” “We don’t have the same sense of morality.” “We don’t have the same values we used to have.” “WE DON’T SEEM TO HAVE A SENSE OF COMMUNITY”. Here in Buderim, he found a strong sense of community, & the Association continues to work hard to maintain this. With Buderim’s phenomenal growth many people are vague about the role of the Association. There is sometimes a perception that the Association is “something to do with the Community Hall” – which is indeed one of its responsibilities – but only one.

The very nature of the Association – non-political, non-confrontational – makes it a quiet achiever, so its work may not be familiar to many Buderim residents. But it must have the support of those residents if it is to carry on.
Hugh Mackay wrote, “I urge you to support, cherish & nourish your Association…if the unique quality of Buderim is to be maintained.”

New members are always welcome.
To support your local community, join the Buderim War Memorial Community Association. Contact the Old Post Office on 07 5477 0945 between 10am & 4pm or drop in to collect a membership form

We Celebrated
150 YEARS in 2012!

Buderim B150 celebrations - 150 years in 2012