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Abortion Grief Counselling
1300 363 550

Alcohol & Drug Information Service (24 Hr)
1800 177 833

Child Abuse Prevention Services
1800 688 009

Clean Needle Helpline (24 Hr)
1800 633 353

Domestic Violence Support/Referral
1800 811 811

Family Drug Support
1300 368 186

Kids Help Line
1800 55 1800

131 114

Mens Line Australia
1300 789 978

Pregnancy Counselling Australia
1300 737 732

Pregnancy Help Line
1300 139 313

Quitline (Smoking)
131 848

Salvation Army
1300 363 622

Sunshine Coast Mental Health Support Groups
Ph: (07) 5479 3110
Ph: (07) 5491 5411
Ph: (07) 5441 4724

Statewide Sexual Assault
1800 010 120

Translating (24hr)
Ph: 131 450

Vietnam Veterans Counselling Service
1800 011 046

Government Information Referral
1800 803 788
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Tough Love - Sunshine Coast
Meets at: Mountain Creek State School
Every Thursday at 6.30pm

3856 3211
Email the local coordinator for more info>>
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Homeless? Need Help?
Freecall Homeless Persons Information Queensland

1800 474 753
Confidential Advice - 24 hrs
A free service for people of all ages
Homeless Persons Information Queensland can help you by providing information about:
• housing
• advice & support
• where to get meals, showers & clothing
• Qld Government Dept of Communities





Visit Tough Love website for more info..

Meredith Jordan knows the pain of being the parent of a dysfunctional child.

She had provided a loving and nurturing home for her son, provided for him, and yet he continued to act out.

Twelve years ago, at the end of her tether, she discovered Tough Love, a support group for parents troubled by their child’s unacceptable behaviour.

Now Ms Jordan is the Queensland coordinator of the organisation, which launched a Sunshine Coast branch last year.

She said the parents of children who bullied and flaunted the norms of society were often forgotten, even blamed for the behaviour of their problem child.

“The aim of Tough Love is to provide support and a sounding board for confused parents,” Ms Jordan said. “Often these people feel like they’re being attacked for their child’s behaviour when they are often powerless to do anything.”

“Most parents are equipped to deal with regular kids, but the behaviour of some children just isn’t regular.”

She said such children did not care about consequences, therefore punishment had no effect on their behaviour.

Ms Jordan said she was saddened by reports of a 12-year-old boy having been set upon by a group of youths at a Buderim Blue Light Disco, an attack led by the victim’s schoolmate, also 12.

She said the father of the bully, who described his son’s actions as “sickening”, had been very brave to speak about the impact his child’s actions had on his family.

According to Ms Jordan, the judicial system was letting parents of uncontrollable children down by not punishing them adequately for their actions.

She said, in many cases, the courts were the last port of call for parents at the end of their tether.

The Coast’s Tough Love group meets at Mountain Creek State School 6.30pm every Thursday.

To contact the local coordinator email or call 3856 3211.

More info visit: