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Pets & Vets in Buderim

Pets & Vets in BuderimBuderim Pets. They’re all part of the family. Buderim has a high level of pet ownership, especially dogs. From great danes to teacup chihuahuas & every breed in between they become our best mates. We walk them, feed them, play with them, look after them & in return they give us years of joy & unconditional love. Our Complete Guide to Dog Friendly Beaches & Parks on the Sunshine Coast is a must-have for dog lovers. If you are thinking of visiting the Sunshine Coast, but can’t bear the thought of leaving your pet behind, check out our Sunshine Coast Pet Friendly Accommodation here >>

Cats are pretty popular in Buderim too. Unlike dogs that worship us, cats tend to tolerate us. Some purr & can be  cute, playful, cuddly balls of fun & most cats pretend to like us. From furball chinchillas to sleek, regal siamese, felines are majestic house guests. We don’t care if they are snuggly or snooty, we love them all anyway.

Pets & Vets in BuderimBirds. Colourful. Cheeky. Can be great companions. Most chatter & sing & the amazing ones actually talk back. Great fun! Fish. Not cuddly, but absolutely mesmerising. Can watch them for hours. Reptiles. Cool pets. Some can become very attached. Guinea pigs. Cute & easy to care for, a great way to start smaller kids off with the responsibility of pet ownership. These lessons last a lifetime. All these kinds of pets need all sorts of different stuff – just like humans, & luckily our local pet stores have your pet’s needs covered. (And you’ll always find something new or some great advice that will make life easier for you or your pet)

Buderim Vets. Annual vet checks & vaccinations are vital for healthy pets & when they get ill they rely on us to take them to the vet immediately to get the best medical attention. We have wonderful vets on the Sunshine Coast, who take good care of our pets health & wellbeing. Your local pet stores & vets in Buderim or others nearby, are listed below for your convenience.

Pet Stores

1/9 Pittards Rd, North Buderim


Shop 12 Chancellor Park Village, University Way
Chancellor Park


5/84 Wises Rd Maroochydore


352 Mons Rd Forest Glen


5/84 Wises Rd Maroochydore


More info:

If you are the owner of a new puppy, this informative website is packed full of the best tips & great advice on how to train your puppy simply & effectively & how to set in place good puppy habits from day one.

There are puppy pre-school classes available in the Buderim area & we agree, nothing beats that hands-on training that builds a lifelong bond between you & your puppy. But we have found this puppy training website that will assist you with answering the many questions you may have about puppy training. You’ll find helpful videos & products especially for your puppy, plus handy puppy articles on a whole range of puppy issues you may be experiencing including:
How to Puppy Proof Your Home
Training Your Puppy to Accept the Collar
Training Your Puppy Not to Chew the Sofa
4 Fun Games to Teach Puppy Obedience

and many more...

No matter if you live in Buderim or anywhere in the world, if you have a new puppy joining your family, this website is like having access to a personal puppy trainer 24/7.
For more about puppy training made simple >>

Go to Puppy Training Made Simple & find out how to look after your new puppy!

Go to Puppy Training Made Simple & find out how to look after me!


Veterinary Clinics

137 King St, (Cnr Eckersley Ave)


Buderim Mall
86 Burnett St Buderim


74 Wises Rd Maroochydore


431 Tanawha Tourist Drive, Tanawha


431 Tanawha Tourist Drive, Tanawha
5445 1333


Lamington Terrace Nambour
5441 3333
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The Complete Guide to Dog Friendly Beaches & Parks on the Sunshine Coast >>
Click here for your Complete Guide to Dog Friendly Beaches & Parks on the Sunshine Coast >>





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